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Prospective Students

It is helpful to know a bit more about the Suzuki method of learning before requesting a teacher.  Children learn to speak by listening, not by reading. Similarly, the Suzuki method teaches children to play... without written music.  

The Suzuki method is very popular and is a great way for younger children to begin playing an instrument.  The primary consideration is to find the best teacher for your child... find a teacher who connects with your child and you will have success.

Steps to start lessons:

1.     Read the teacher policy and requirements.

2.     CALL US.  Check your calendar and compare it with our open slots online.  Please try to find a regular time during the week keeping in mind that lessons are normally 30 minutes.

3.     Things you need to buy.

        a. Rent an instrument

            For Violins, Call Gary Frisch - his instruments are the best and very reasonable.

            For Cellos, make an appointment at Foxes Music -

b. violin sponge -

c. Suzuki Violin (or Cello) Book 1 and CD -

d. notebook

4.     Show up for your lesson!

Please enter from the LEFT side-- through the wooden gate and downstairs.  You can park in the left-side driveway or on the street.

            All lessons take place at our home studio or at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.

We now accept all major credit cards at the lessons!